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13 May 2020
Management Control Systems

TOP 5 LOCKDOWN CHALLENGES – Working Reactively versus Proactively


A 5 week series for business leaders needing to transform their business towards the “new norm”

Challenge 1  – Working Reactively versus Proactively

Our first challenge is to stop reacting and start seeking out the opportunities the current situation could bring.  Find ways to be proactive in ensuring your business will flourish when you open your doors.

The solution – try the free “Working From Home & Winning” Survey

The key is to get under the skin of your team, understand their concerns and worries. Once you’ve established those, it will be easier to work together to overcome their fears.  The individual will feel more connected, work more productively and, just maybe, bring their insight as to how the business can become more proactive in the current climate, and the future. Now you’ve got them ENGAGED!

The “Working from Home & Winning” survey gives you a quick and easy tool to get feedback from your employees working from home. Its completely free of charge, no strings attached, takes just 3 simple steps to set the survey up, share with your team, and receive a summary report, in a very short space of time.

The survey responses are completely anonymous so your employees can be honest and upfront about how they feel, without fear of retribution.  In this way you can identify the main issues and problems they’re having, and gradually take small incremental steps to action their suggestions you feel could work, address concerns that are affecting a high proportion of the team, or implement initiatives to overcome the barriers they’re finding are hindering their productivity.  

Once you’ve got it up and running in your business, and get the first results in, you can download the free Success Guide “How To Keep Remote Teams Connected, Proactive and Productive”.  This provides you with invaluable advice and guidance on how to interpret the results and set up your plan of action. It could be the turning point you’re looking for, from reacting to the current environment and surroundings, to taking control and proactively moving forward.

Next week’s blog will address the second challenge of Fragmented Team Communication.  We’ll be providing some practical solutions, and more free tools to help you keep everyone on the same page.


Alluxi is here to offer you support through these times of change, bringing a facts and figures approach to evolve your business and realise your goals.

As a first step towards identifying your current business challenges and evaluating where your future opportunities exist within your business, we invite you to complete the in-depth Alluxi Business Success Scorecard delving into the 10 key critical success areas.

Take 15 minutes to respond to the scorecard and get your results within minutes.  You’ll have the opportunity to book a follow-up Productivity to Profit Breakthrough Session to find out how you can implement rapid and measurable improvements.