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by clearly defining your objectives, we identify the management systems and tools required to achieve them


with a clear vision of your objectives, we find the simplest path towards improving profitability

Common Sense

a fresh perspective uncovers practical, down-to-earth ways to turn your ideas into realistic objectives

Scientific Precision

detailed analysis of the facts and figures in your business illuminates your hidden opportunities


step-by-step, our expertise guides ambitious business leaders through change to achieving their vision


we work with you on a process of continuous, sustainable and measurable adaptation

Alluxi Ethos

The definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again, hoping the results will improve.  Starting with the end in mind, Alluxi believes that in order to maximise your profits, something in your company has to fundamentally change.

The computers, machinery, and software resources your business invests in to achieve greater efficiencies, will only produce results according to how your staff use them.  Therefore to improve results, something needs to change in the way you and your people work.

You, as the business owner, your management team and employees need to adopt new behaviours.

To generate sustainable behavioural change for the long-term, Alluxi applies a tried-and-tested two-stranded approach.



Systems + Training = Productivity

Systems – The Technical

Firstly the technical side of your business, its operational Systems (not necessarily IT software), have to provide real time accurate data that allows you to take regular informed decisions before off-schedule conditions, that deteriorate into fire-fighting, get out of control.

Systems however, also include the workflows and business processes that should define exactly how the work will be done to optimise productivity to best practise standards.  As new technologies or fresh ideas surface, then these standards may evolve and change over time, but as long as they are documented and disseminated to ensure the team adopts the correct procedures then the systems will ensure that best practise behaviour is perpetuated.

Management control systems are the main focus of this approach. The design and development of meaningful, tangible Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) are the driver towards measuring the outcome of the workflows and processes as to whether they are the most effective to achieve the results.

A robust management control system will also provide data telling you where in the process the inefficiencies exist. In turn this will highlight how much that’s costing your business (time, money, materials), and focus your managers reviews and collaboration with employees to reduce those weaknesses.



Training – The Tactical

The second strand is the Tactical defined here as Training.  This relates to how you develop your people, to ensure they agree with, have bought into, are trained in, and understand how to achieve best working practice.

Training must be a core part of all managers roles –  to be consistently coaching, facilitating, mentoring and training each individual to ensure they are engaged with the best practice standards, understand how they can improve their individual results, and focus them on achieving success.


The Key to Success

To achieve the sustainable behaviour change, both the Technical Systems and Tactical Training strands have to be implemented together, in parallel.  Without defined management systems and standardised working methods, the opportunity to perpetuate best practice is lost or diluted, and your results will reflect that.

Implementing new systems or methods without involving the people who have to work within these frameworks will not achieve their buy-in or employee engagement required.  There will be no unified desire to “make it work”.  Your system will then inevitably fail, leaving you feeling frustrated, and your company culture deteriorates to one of blame, criticism and negativity, productivity will drop, and your profitability will pay the ultimate sacrifice.

On the other side of the coin, many businesses invest in training, with employees returning excited with their new knowledge and full of ideas, ready to put their new found theory into practice.  However, if they don’t then have the power or autonomy to make the necessary changes, then the time and money invested is wasted.  The manual sits on the shelf gathering dust and the employee is disillusioned and demotivated. Your culture will stagnate as people lose faith that your business is capable of changing anything for the better.

Tracking Your Business Culture Evolution

Your company culture may feel very intangible – how can you measure how engaged your staff are right now? 

After spending many years searching for a powerful tool to monitor and measure teams engagement, without spending large sums of money developing in-house software and potentially re-inventing a wheel that was already out there, Alluxi was delighted to be introduced to the EngagementMultiplier™ survey software tool and to become an EngagementMultiplier™ Partner.

EngagementMultiplier™ ticks all the boxes in providing a regular finger on your culture pulse. Every 90 days, an anonymous short survey provides both quantitative and qualitative feedback from everyone in the business, allowing you to pinpoint exactly who may be feeling any dissatisfaction. The data and metrics provided by the survey tool,  is integrated into your management information systems for your leadership team to work on addressing the issues.

In summary, you need robust technical management control systems combined with well-trained, supported and engaged employees to create an evolved, effective team who will work together to achieve the results you seek.

Apply Alluxi insight and experience to your business

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