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Bespoke Productivity Evolution


Alluxi provides Business Productivity consulting to inspired business leaders seeking to move their organisation to the next level of sustainable growth and, ultimately, profitability.

Our approach for the evolution of your business is to form a close working partnership, providing a tailored package of highlighting opportunities, diagnosing weaknesses, defining and developing solutions and change initiatives to realise and optimise those opportunities, and implement the solutions with you.

For businesses with 20+ employees, and a management hierarchy, Alluxi offers bespoke, customised solutions. Through the initial Launchpad Workshop and further consultation if required, we design a programme specifically for your business.

The programmes are scheduled over a period of between 6 to 12 months depending on the size of the business and extent of the opportunities we highlight, with dedicated onsite resource up to 2 days a week for the duration of the programme.

Key Takeaways

  • Alluxi’s global productivity expertise applied to your business without the expense of a full time permanent resource
  • Dedicated onsite resource up to 2 days a week over 6+ months
  • A focussed and fast route to create your self managing business
  • Delivery of productivity improvement intiatives to maximise profits
  • Customised management systems, best practice work flows and job design
  • CMI recognised Leadership & Management Development programme to engage and achieve buy in with management team.
  • Engagement Multiplier benchmark survey to enhance employee engagement
  • Focused group, and 1-2-1 coaching with management teams to ensure behaviour change is fully embedded
  • Financial evaluations to measure and monitor productivity results

More Details

Alluxi leads the implementation of a tailor-made set of productivity measures into your business. We work with your management and teams to ensure that objectives, targets and results are quantified and fully understood from top to bottom. This will give you complete clarity and peace of mind, with the management information you need being structured and flowing throughout your team, allowing you to feel more in control whilst rising above the day-to-day details.

You will save money on unnecessary recruitment, as we identify and design exactly who and what you really need to make your business a leaner, more efficient, positive and productive operation. Your managers will be more aligned, your employees more engaged and you will become a more productive business leader as you rapidly evolve towards realising your goals.

Programmes priced on application, from £4,000 + VAT per month.


Alluxi Business Success Scorecard

Your journey to greater productivity and profit starts here. Take 15 minutes for an in-depth look at your business and we’ll shine a light on where improvements can be made.