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  1. Give/supply light
  2. Shine upon
  3. Show/give (opportunity/chance)

Alluxi believes productivity is the DNA of every successful business. Partner with us to evolve your company and light the way to greater profitability.

“The price of light is less than the cost of darkness”
– Arthur Nielsen

Let's shine a light on your business potential

Uncover Hidden Opportunity

Try the free Alluxi Business Success Scorecard.  Take just 15 minutes to benchmark your organisation across 10 key areas with this online survey, designed to shed light on your current challenges and uncover opportunities for improvement



Free Download for Start Ups

‘Conquering Barriers to Business Growth’ is the essential guide to starting up and growing your business. A free PDF book for Business Owners packed with practical advice to avoid the main pitfalls, and build your business on solid foundations



Need a Fresh Perspective?


If you have a specific business challenge and would like a sounding board or fresh perspective, let’s work through it.   Submit your details and preferred time for a 15 minute call, and we’ll get right back to you.



Discover greater profit in your business

Complete the Alluxi Business Success Scorecard and you’ll be invited to book a follow-up Productivity to Profit Breakthrough Call. This will give you deeper insights and show you exactly how to implement rapid, real and measurable improvements. Together we will explore which Alluxi programme will best support your business evolution.



Six sessions over 13 weeks, delivering the training to apply proven management theory into practice, providing you with the complete Alluxi Toolbox to develop your business DNA, and create a self-managing business.




One-to-one support over 13 months to free yourself from the gravitational pull of your day-to-day operations. Achieve greater versatility, reach a more strategic orbit, and more time dedicated to business growth.




A custom solution to fast-track your business evolution. Alluxi provides Business Productivity consulting to inspired business leaders ready to scale up to the next level of growth and profitability.


Who We Are

Led by Founder Linda Garcia, Alluxi brings an analytical, facts and figures-based approach to optimising your business productivity and profit.

Linda is an internationally experienced Business Productivity Specialist, with proven expertise in implementing productivity improvement programmes worldwide.


Global Expertise

Alluxi harnesses over 30 years experience applying scientific principles of business productivity globally to generate significant profit increases, ranging from a few thousand pounds for micro businesses to millions of pounds in annual financial savings for larger corporate organisations.

Partner with Alluxi to harness the power of productivity optimisation for your company and open up a world of expertise to maximise your profits.


Apply Alluxi insight and experience in your business

Take the Business Success Scorecard

Enjoy more top tips to optimise your business productivity and grow your profits.

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