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20 May 2020

TOP 5 CHALLENGES – Fragmented Team Communication


A 5 week series for business leaders needing to transform their business towards your “new normal”

Challenge 2 – Fragmented Team Communication

Working from home can be lonely and lead to employees feeling isolated—even when a firm is well-practiced at operating with remote teams. The less connected employees feel to the business, its purpose and to each other, the worse the outcome. At a time when many companies are abruptly shifting to a work-from-home model, the pace of change—compounded by pandemic-related fear and uncertainty—is eroding intrinsic workplace connections, setting our employees adrift. 

If you’re a leader or owner of a business, you’re potentially feeling that same sense of disconnect with your employees— also bearing the weight of responsibility for the business, your customers and your family. To weather this perfect storm, it’s essential your team is acting as one, and that they’re united, connected and energised.   The key question is how do we keep everyone on the same page?

Here’s a one stop solution to help your teams recapture their spark while working in isolation from each other.

The solution – EPICTM Meetings 

The EPIC Meeting should inject Energy, Purpose, Insight & Connection into the team.  This approach will put an end to pointless meetings that waste time and slow momentum.  Adopt this simple framework and watch your team engagement and productivity soar.

If you’d like to learn more about protecting your company culture & staying connected, my blog on how to minimise meetings provides 7 key steps to ensure you keep the meetings on time and on topic.  When built into a robust management control system, your team reviews will be the driving force behind increased productivity in your business.

Working From Home & Winning Survey

Try the Working from Home & Winning Survey, to get better insight of how your team are really feeling.   The Free “Working from Home & Winning” survey gives you a quick and easy tool to get anonymous feedback from your employees working from home. It takes just 3 simple steps to set the survey up, share with your team, and receive  a summary report, in a very short space of time.   

To interpret the results of the survey, and for more detail on how to adapt the team to remote working, you can download the FREE Working From Home & Winning Success Guide

How To Keep Remote Teams Connected, Proactive and Productive FREE PDF

Next week’s blog will address the third challenge Ensuring the right things are being done in the right order.  We’ll be giving you practical solutions, and more free tools to get your team working on the right priorities and getting them done.



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