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17 March 2016
Employee Motivation

20 WAYS TO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE – Staff Wellbeing and Comfort

Productivity means higher output using your current resources, or achieving the same level of sales with less resource.

Staff wellbeing and comfort is not just about the importance of ergonomics.  Yes, its critical (and a Health & Safety requirement) to prevent injury by ensuring that workstations are properly positioned, the correct operator chairs are provided to workers sitting at computers all day long etc.  These are small things that do require some money to be spent getting right, but isn’t it worth it if it reduces absences by demotivated staff or, worse, the personal injury claims from not looking after staff wellbeing.

Workers are far more likely to turn up on time and do a decent days work, if their comfort needs have been met.  Staff eating areas and toilets may sound petty, but if they have somewhere clean, comfortable and inviting to break away from their work stations or offices, their performance will be higher.  If employees prefer to leave site to get away from grotty work places, you will lose an extra fifteen minutes to half an hour of their work time, when they start leaving early, or getting back late from their breaks.

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