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7 December 2017

Alluxi’s Leadership & Management Programme Achieves CMI Recognition


Training is perceived as an expensive luxury, and is often the first cost to be cut when cash flow gets tough

The familiar phrase Training is a Necessity Not a Luxury may strike home to many business owners who feel that, more often than not, staff return from the latest fad course pumped up from the great stuff they’ve learned, only to end up in the routine drudgery of their day job – finding nothing has changed in the business and the training manual lost for ever in the dust of the bottom shelf.

Many of you will relate to the inevitable promotion of most productive worker to Manager, only to see the team’s performance drop through the floor and the newly appointed Manager’s motivation swiftly follows.  Just because a worker has the best output of the group, doesn’t mean they’re a natural choice for Management. They may not have a clue how to manage or lead their teams, and here in the UK we are notoriously poor at training our future managers and executives. Management is a skill that can, and SHOULD, be trained.  Leadership CAN be developed and nurtured.

Management Mindset Re-Boot

The Alluxi Leadership & Management Development Programme does it differently.  We take participants through a step by step management thinking re-boot designed to deliver the skills and competencies required at ANY level of your organisation.  From your front line supervisor, middle and senior managers, and even the Business Owner, the programme evolves your mindset to lead and manage the people in your business, to optimize productivity, resource performance and team engagement.

We are extremely proud that the Alluxi Leadership & Management Development Programme, is recognised by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) as meeting National Occupational Standards.  Participants can benefit from

  • 1 year Affiliate Membership of the CMI
  • Participation in the CMI “Achieve” Mentoring Programme
  • Enhanced Learning Experience with access to the CMI’s Management Direct online Library & Resource Centre
  • Facility to record and monitor CPD
  • Networking opportunities and benefits
  • CMI Certificate of Attendance awarded on Completion

Putting Theory into Practice

Consisting of 6 sessions, ideally over three to six months, the course qualifies for 18 hours CPD, providing the tools and techniques to be immediately applied in your work routine prior to the next session.  If fully adhered to, the theory and interactive exercises delivered during the course will result in a measurable increase in performance, generating a culture of continuous improvement, objective, fair and factual management – translating to bottom line financial profit improvement.

Click here to read more and download the programme overview


Alluxi is here to offer you support through these times of change, bringing a facts and figures approach to evolve your business and realise your goals.

As a first step towards identifying your current business challenges and evaluating where your future opportunities exist within your business, we invite you to complete the in-depth Alluxi Business Success Scorecard delving into the 10 key critical success areas.

Take 15 minutes to respond to the scorecard and get your results within minutes.  You’ll have the opportunity to book a follow-up Productivity to Profit Breakthrough Session to find out how you can implement rapid and measurable improvements.