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International Shipping & Personal Relocation Logistics

Receiving over half a million inbound calls a year, in six languages, the client was suffering unacceptable missed call volumes and dealing with high levels of customer complaints. This programme involved designing and delivering a ‘train the trainer’ package to develop the management skills of key supervisors and team leaders in their international Contact Centres.

By training the trainers in how to develop and implement management control systems, together with building their people management skills and leadership styles, we enabled them to develop their own management controls plans and reports, call audit checklists, and quality control checkpoints. They implemented a daily plan/report call log with the individual call agents, designed to improve quality and performance by setting individual expectations of calls to be answered, sales targets, and percentage call audit compliance.

Giving every call agent a regular one-to-one touchpoint with their direct supervisor increased their engagement with the company’s business goals. Regular monitoring and feedback of call quality initiated a longer term programme of developing call agents’ sales and customer service skills.


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