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Global Expertise – Scotland

Whisky Distilling & Bottling

Working in the bottling factories of Glasgow and Edinburgh, and the picturesque distilleries and bonded warehouses in the forests of the Scottish Highlands, this programme involved front-line supervisors in improving productivity of the bottling lines and whisky decanting operations.

The management development training introduced forecasting, planning, monitoring and reporting; formalising how production was supervised. With collaboration at all levels, we involved supervisors and middle junior management in the design and development of tailored management systems to promote smarter working practices on the factory floor, which helped to align the team’s engagement with overall company objectives. The overall result was a stronger collaborative culture right from the executive board to the factory floor.

Maximising profitability involved us restructuring management positions based on the needs of the management systems. By reducing expense and increasing utilisation and volume throughput, over £250k of additional annual profit was achieved in one distillery alone.


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